Monday, December 21, 2009

"Did you Come to Buy?"

The other day I had several errands to run, and it being Chanukah break, Ricki went with me. She was, it seems, a bit bored, and interested that I should get her something.
Managing her in the post office and pharmacy was not all that hard, but our last stop was a small “five and ten” type of store, where I had popped in to buy a vegetable knife.
This store is one that is packed to the ceilings and with crowded isles. One can barely move in it. So ALL sorts of fascinating toys and trinkets were dangling in front of Ricki’s eyes, and she did not hesitate to request their purchase.
I refused, having warned Ricki in advance that we were only buying a knife in this store. She tried again, simultaneously effectively blocking my access to the drawer where the knives were.
Back and forth we discussed/fought. Ricki insisting that I buy her something, and me calmly repeating that I was NOT purchasing her anything here.
After a minute of this (and not more), the owner asked if I had come in to purchase something or not. If there had been another store within a few minutes walk that carried the knives, I would have left, but instead I just answered, “Yes, when my daughter lets me get to the drawer.” SHESH! His store was empty. Am I really the only customer that tells their kids “NO”? Probably not. But when a tiny 3 or 4 year old does this, you can walk around them. When a hefty Ricki is standing her ground, it is a different matter.
In the end, Ricki gave up, I bought the knife, and we let, trinket-less, towards home.

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