Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Fast

Tuesday, Ricki missed school because she needed to have some baby teeth pulled. The baby teeth were not falling out on their own, and Ricki’s dentist decided that we had no choice but to full three of her baby teeth so that the permanent ones could come in (and come in straight).
Ricki is too scared to undergo dental treatment without general anesthesia (we’ve tried “laughing gas” without success), so she would need to be fasting from midnight the evening before the treatment. This being the case, I asked for an 8 AM appointment, as past experience has taught me that if Ricki realizes that she is supposed to fast, she will immediately develop a terrible thirst, and it is very hard to keep her fast intact.
As Ricki was putting on her coat to go with me to the hospital dental clinic, she asked “Where’s my drink?” I explained that since she was going to get anesthetic, she needed to fast. I told her that drinking and eating before anesthetic is very dangerous.
“Oh. OK.”
Gee, my daughter is growing up! (But I will still ask for an 8:00 am appointment next time. Once is no proof for the next time.....)

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