Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Sassy Teen

Well, the other day I think I finally met a young adult with Down syndrome who is as self-assured yet temperamental as Ricki is. I was at a short study day regarding Down syndrome, and on the way home by bus I was joined by a mother and her 20 year-old son. He was bragging about which car he wanted to buy (but when I asked him where he would get the money, he didn't answer). HE WAS DRESSED VERY NEATLY AND LOOKED OH SO CONFIDENT. THE INITIAL IMPRESSION HE MADE WAS IMPRESSIVE. But slowly I noticed things that I did not like so much. His mother paid his fare (at 20 I would expect him to have his own bus card), and he seemed a bit aggressive. He stood in the aisle swinging a stick rather than sitting. Suddenly Ricki started looking SO much more grown up in my eyes.
To make a long story short, maturity doesn’t happen by itself. You need to educate and work on behavior, being consistent. THERE ARE NO SHORT-CUTS!


Adelaide Dupont said...

There's a difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness.

What car does he want to buy?

I hope you find something good to do with this knowledge, and keep it as heart knowledge.

rickismom said...

He was assertive,but also somewhat aggressive. (I had to tell him firmly not to pound on the bus stop next to me.)
Obviously I would never let on to the mother what I felt.