Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nobody Can Fix Your Life for You

The last week and a half I had been slowly slipping off my diet a bit here and there. And what worried me the most about that was the fear, well-founded, that unchecked this slight deviance would become a major backsliding and going off the diet.
Finally, after a week or so of continued slight over-indulgences, I said “ENOUGH!”, and started again to carefully monitor my intake, and return to my walking (which had also gone down). I decided that it was up to me to to take charge of the situation.
The next day, after not having opened “The Thin Book 2”* for a week, I opened it up. She wrote about taking responsibility for your choices, adding:
“Nobody can fix your life for you.”
Well, isn’t it true! I don’t care what diet group you are in, the ultimate determination of whether you stick to your diet is the choices that you make.

PS What was my reward? Yesterday I saw someone who hadn’t seen me since the summer, and she NOTICED the change. (At long last! Someone noticed!)

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Terri said...

Congrats on taking control and being noticed!