Sunday, December 27, 2009

The Lady’s in a Hurry!

I caught Ricki the other day coming out of the shower, wearing her (soaking wet!) bra. Now I know why her shirt often is drenched after a bath. I had thought that it was her hair, even though the hair only sometimes seemed wet enough to wet her blouse. Now I realize that sometimes she simply put the blouse on over a WET bra.
Putting on a bra is the hardest part of Ricki’s morning routine, and she apparently found a way to speed things up!


Anonymous said...

Would a pullover "sports" bra make it easier for her to dress? I don't think this would be a special accomodation; a lot of women find this style easier and more comfortable too.

Something Different said...

One of my girls has a very hard time with bras, so we got her the kind that fastens in the front. She is much more comfortable with that, and it helps her independence because she doesn't have to ask a counselor for help.
Have you ever tried that for Ricki?

rickismom said...

Gee, thanks for the good ideas! Never crossed my mind!