Sunday, July 26, 2009

“When Are You Going to Sleep?”

Ricki has a problem. And it is fast becoming one for me as well. She does not like to go to sleep unless she is sure that I am at home, and will stay there as well.
Now often I am on the computer (which is in her room) around her bedtime, which suits her fine. And amazingly, on shabbas (Friday evening-Saturday), when she knows that I will not be using the computer, yet I AM home, she does fine. But if I go out in the evening, 95% of the time I will find her wide awake on my return, even if the hour is late.
In an effort to break this bad habit, I have tried lately to do my computer work earlier, and work around the house when she is to fall asleep. But so far that has only led to incessant questioning:
When are you going to sleep?
What are you going to do now?
When will you go to sleep?

Time will tell if the new earlier computing time will help. Although obviously the big problem is her lack of calm if I go out. I think I need to again invest in a flashlight for her to keep in bed to frighten off the dark spirits......


BlessedMom62 said...

Hi there! I saw your post on my page ( Thanks for writing! Yes, most people have younger children that blog. I love blogging about my family though. How on earth did you find me, was it from another blog? I have tried to do searches for particular blogspots, but are not successful! Hope you have a good day. I would love to correspond through email if you want,


Terri said...

Jenn doesn't worry about my sleeping, but sometimes gets totally caught up in the need to have the phone hung up on the base. She will follow me around when I am on the phone with her hand out demanding that I give her the phone so she can put it away--REALLY bugs me!

If you find a way to bypass these rules I want to know!!