Friday, July 3, 2009

The Schedule

Today we started the day as I hope to do most of the days: with an early wakeup and a written schedule.
After the regular start-of-the-day items (medicines, prayers, breakfast, and the like) I listed several items, some of them "work" items, and some fun. They were, on purposed, interspaced, with a fun activity following chores, helping around the house (and on future occaisions, any planned study periods.
Today's first "fun" activity was to bake a cake for Shabbas (the sabbath). Ricki went to work cleaning up and sweeping her room with gusto. She did a much better job than she has ever done. She cleaned thoroughly behind her bed (aka the "trash")and the computer desk. She even managed very well to manuver the trash into the hand-held dust collecter, whilding the broom in one hand, and the collector in the other.
Making the cake was a bit harder for her, but the licking of the batter stuck within the bowl at the end was enough compensation.

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