Monday, July 6, 2009

An Ideal Time for a Change

Several things are occuring in my life, which are making it an ideal time to try to make a change in the way I live, exercise, and eat.
I have known for years that one of my main stimulents to overeating is lack of sleep. But it is easy to talk about going to bed on time, and quite another thing to do it when there are things that need to be done, and NOW! Preparing materials for Ricki's studies was one of these major "must do now" things.
But now that Ricki is going into a special education placement, that big burden is off me.
In addition, my computer being on the blink has showed me just how well I canb survive without reading all the news updatews, videos, etc. A pity on the time. The radio news is much less time-consuming.
So I am hoping to get a good 6 hours (or 6 1/2)nightly, and add to that an hour to 2 hours each afternoon at the height of the summer heat. (For those of you who live in the north, realize that the tropical countries have siesta because it is DIFFICULT to do ANYTHING in the burning midday sun!)
In addition I have been exercising (though not enough), but am working to get that act together. I went walking yesterday morning at 6AM and found it quite do-able and not too hot. (Almost too hot but not.....)
My son wants me to do a by-pass surgery, and I agree that if I am not going to loose weight, the long-term risks of the surgery are less than the mortality rate without. But I look at that 2% mortality within one month and pause. After all, I had a child with Down syndrome when the likelyhood of such was about 3%. Those miniscule (and 2% is not that miniscule) risks DO happen. But I am willing to talk to a doctor and consider it.
But I still think I would rather loose without bariatric surgery. The rub is, if I will do it. I can. The question is if I am as committed, over a long time, as I need to be.


Anonymous said...

I don't mean to be discouraging, but you might find that the special ed program doesn't really take care of all the things you've been doing on your own, and if you want Ricki to keep up (or carry on) with things you've been working on, it's still up to you.

I have a kid in a special ed program and find that while they address some needs I couldn't meet on my own, they also have different priorities to mine.


rickismom said...

Oh, don't worry! I know that! But up to know I was adapting schoolwork, and only someof that could be used to teach her what I was interested in.
Now I will still have to prepare some materials, but I hope that much less time preparing, and more time for study/fun/ household tasks/ cooking will be in order.....