Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Heat and Walking

(This post was originally written for Friday morning, but after reading about Rivca I could not bear to post something so unimporetant.....)

Well, the weather (I was talking about Friday) will hopefully be cooler. The last few days it has been about 30 degrees (centigrade), with humidity at about 58%! My son in San Jose has had about the same weather, but Estes park, while humid as well, was a lovely 22 degrees yesterday.
I have been attempting over the last month plus to do more walking, but quick walking in this heat was really beyond me. (Bringing Ricki's stuff home in a taxi yesterday, I asked the driver if he doesn't get more business when hot, and he said that yes he does....) So I do hope it cools down! But in the Meantime, here is a lite/serious look at waling in the heat:

1. First, move to a cool mountain town like Estes Park or Jerusalem. Baring that, a dry Arad will do.
2. Walk early in the morning or late at night (where safe to do so).
3. Put on talc before setting out to prevent chaffing.
4. Take a bottle of ice water with you.
5. Wear pure cotton, not synthetics.

So Happy walking everyone!

PS. So here's trying to take our lives a bit into our hands!

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