Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Ah-HAH Moment ("I think She's Got it!")

Today Ihad to go to Ricki's school to remove from her private study area all the wonderful study aids I had put in there three years ago(and replenished, frequently since). She has been bringing some things home over the last week or so, but still we had a lot of stuff to pick up. As we were leaving the house (Ricki was coming to help), Ricki suddenly said "Wait a momment", disappeared to her room, and dashed back with her change purse.
"I have to pay for the borekas..."

The aide had told me about a week ago, that the owner of the small grocery next to the school had mentioned to her that Ricki had stolen 3 borekas (pastry) from him. I had lectured her about it, and mentioned that when we went to get her stuff from the room, we would go to the store and she would have to pay.

I had not forgotten, and thank G-d, neither had she.
But what impressed me most was her willingness to make that restitution.
I don't know if her thievery is finished, but it certainly seems that we are making headway!

I think (I HOPE!) she's got it!

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