Friday, July 24, 2009

A “Real” Grandmother

Ricki at the “Kotel” (wailing wall) at night.(You can barely make out a few of the massive stones in the upper left corner.)

On Wednesday, I spent most of the day in Jerusalem, along with Ricki, visiting (some of) my grandchildren, including my newest almost-one-month old granddaughter. I hadn’t paid her mother a visit since the birth (see what a bad MIL I am?), nor seen the newborn. On Wednesday I finally had the chance to do so. And since I was in the city, I went to visit my oldest son and his family as well. To top off the day, Ricki and I went in the evening to pray at the “Kotel” (the wailing wall),which is the last remaining retaining wall of the Temple Mount build by king Herod. I haven’t been to the Kotel for a while, and it was very appropriate to go on Wednesday as it was the first day of the Hebrew month of AV [the month in which the Temple was burnt, and the month we mourn its destruction].
As usual, I disd the normal “grandma” things: brought gifts, ohhed and awed over school notebooks, etc. but at one point I noticed that my oldest grandson looked VERY bored.
An idea was born. And I asked his mother if she would mind if I took him to the Kotel with me. She didn’t mind, so M.L. joined Ricki and I on our excursion to the holy site. Mind you, the high point of his trip was the bus ride, since we were on an extra-long “accordion” buses. But that’s beside the point. The real point is I saw a need, and I helped take care of it. Like a real Savta (grandma).


RivkA with a capital A said...

"...the “Kotel” (the wailing wall),which is the last remaining retaining wall of the Temple Mount build by king Herod."

This is incorrect. I don't know why we learn that. I believe that all four walls are still intact -- they still hold up the Temple Mount, on top of which is the Dome of the Rock, among other buildings and mosques.

You can visit the Southern Wall excavations, which are pretty impressive, especially with the new Davidson museum.

Batya said...

What's known as the "western" (wailing) wall isn't of the Temple. It's the outer courtyard, very far from the Temple itself.

But besides that, I'm glad to hear that you and Ricki enjoyed visiting Jerusalem and grandmothering.

RivkA with a capital A said...

Muse -- the Kotel (Western Wall) is one of the "retaining" walls, as mentioned in the post. It is just not the only, or last, remaining wall.