Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tracking my steps!

I have been logging my daily steps on "walker tracker" (see button on side bar).(Encouraging comments welcome!) At the same time I have been participating in Treppenwalk there. Funny what pride can do for you. I went out and walked on Friday evening and early Shabbas morning only due to pride. Anyway, I may not make 10,000 a day, but it is a H_ll of a lot better than what I used to do! (And a top that didn't really fit well 6 weeks ago now does! (I discovered this when searching for something cool enough to go out in the scorching sun with!)

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Jewish Side of Babysitter said...

I've joined too, and it's really great. It gets me out of my house and productive. Although yesterday I was too lazy to go on the treadmill so I only did 3,000 steps, but there's time to make it up.

And it really makes you a better walker, it used to take me 7 minutes to walk a long street block, now I was able to walk 10 blocks in just 15 minutes!