Monday, January 10, 2011

Personal Freedom Vs Personal Responsibility

Yesterday afternoon Ricki came breezing in the door at 2:30 in the afternoon, announcing that she was no longer going to her afternoon program “except on Tuesdays”. A quick round of questions showed that this was a choice made on a slight whim; she has nothing against the program. Last year when she stopped going, she was not enjoying the program, but that is not the case now.
So I decided that Ricki needed to learn a bit of responsibility. After all, when she some day has a job, I don’t want her deciding on her own when she will go and not (unless of course there is a valid reason). So, first I explained that she had not talked to me about coming home early; she could have arrived to a locked door. Then I walked her over to the program, even though doing so put a definite dent into my day’s schedule. She was happy to go, but here the point was that you don’t just change your mind daily. One needs to take commitments and choices seriously….

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