Sunday, January 2, 2011

Long Absence

I know that I have been ignoring this blog for the last two weeks. Unfortunately, certain things in my private life have been keeping me busier than usual.
The biggest change is that Ricki has returned to her afternoon program which she dropped out of almost a year ago. I haven’t had the time recently to do as many activities as I once did with her, and Ricki has been bored. So when I suggested that she return to the afternoon program, even if she is not in the same group as her classmates, she readily agreed.
She has been attending the program for a few days and seems to be enjoying it fully. This is a G-dsend for me at this moment, as it allows me to center on other things right now. But it does mean that I see less of Ricki, and will probably have fewer stories to relate in the meantime……


Batya said...

I hope you're well. No doubt it's important that Ricki stays busy.

mikimi said...

R being busy hopefully means "less" for you to worry about- one would think!