Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Contest (Guessing Game?)

I am posting pictures here of my latest ceramic work- a “picture”! The first reader to correctly figure out what these images represent will hopefully receive (I will try) a piece of ceramic work from me.
And before you comment, NO, they are NOT upside down.
The first piece has four scenes which are (slightly) related.
Closeup of far left:

The second scene:

Note that the entire work was done in brown clay except for one bit which was done with white clay (the white flower):

The far right scene can be well seen on the picture of the complete piece.
The second, smaller piece is one scene:


Anonymous said...

My guess is protecting our children, praying for them and then letting them spread their wings and fly when they are ready.


belehcar said...

I read your blog regularly. I don't usually comment but I have no idea what this is. It's very pretty but, I have not one clue.

mikimi said...

rachel mevacha al boneho-rachel is crying for her children

Ilana said...

I am a very regular reader, but this is hard! Here's my guess: the flowers are your kids, and the two that are growing up in the air (perhaps having made different religious choices than you would like) you are still holding close. It looks like tears and some blood have been spent on raising the children -- and maybe you feel wrung out? Please tell us the answer!

rickismom said...

I WILL explain, but after I am sutre that people have had a chance to reply.

Pink (AKA Lucia) said...

Protecting, raising, and letting go of those who you love, such as Ricki and your grown children?

Just a guess here.

rickismom said...

Square Peg 613 came closest. Full explanaton is in a post coming VERY soon