Saturday, January 22, 2011

Contest Winners/ Explanation

The first piece has four scenes which are (slightly) related. I suspect that the reason no one caught on completely is because I did not have the ability to make the vases as I reaklly wanted them. I wanted them to be more pear-shaped. I am a childbirth (Lamaze) Teacher, and after Ricki's birth, for years now, I have wanted to do this piece of work (the four-part piece). The vases are wombs, and the families shown are:
Closeup of far left: The large family (despite society's concern the mother really nurtures them all with her embrace)

The second scene:The woman without children, crying and praying for offspring, and who may feel as if her blood is being shed.....

Note that the entire work was done in brown clay except for one bit which was done with white clay (the white flower): This is the family with a special-needs child

The far right scene can be well seen on the picture of the complete piece. It is the mother who has only a single child.
The second, smaller piece is one scene, and here it is showing a family where one of the children is leaving behind his religious roots, his "Leaves" are like wings, but his mother is reaching out, tearfully, to try (unsucessfully) to catch him.

Square Peg 613 was the closest in "catching on", but I can see that I have a long way to go before becoming an artist! LOL!


belehcar said...

Pretty neat. Now that you describe it, it makes total sense. I really like it :)

Anonymous said...

Now that you explained it, you can see it clearly. It's really beautiful.

Batya said...

shavua tov