Friday, January 14, 2011

Lots of Ideas, No Time

I have several posts planned, but right now no time to write them...
Meanwhile, I wish a few more of my regular readers would try to "interpert" my ceramic piece, trying to be as specific as you can. Hint: Regular readers of the blog are more likely to guess correctly.


Anonymous said...

I think maybe they have to do with stages of awareness when you deal with a special needs child. The first: trying to protect and include with all the other children. Then, sadness and prayer as you realize that you can't really deny the child's difference. Then, seeing even growth (up) as wilting relative the the other children. And lastly, seeing the child's growth in it's own terms without comparing.

The top picture: the alternative; Thank G-d you have this child, it could be worse, you could also lose a child.


rickismom said...

Gee, Chana, an excelent idea, even tho' it was NOT what I meant. Excellent idea