Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bus Stories: 1

One day about three weeks ago I traveled top Jerusalem by bus. And it just so happened that it was a day that many people traveled, so the bus, which often has a few empty seats, started filling up.
[Now even though I have lost a lot of weight, and I don’t REALLY “flow over” to the next seat, I fit into one seat just barely. This means that if the person next to me is to be comfortable, and have plenty of room, they need to be thin.]
So as the bus started filling up, I started hoping that someone REALLY thin would sit by me, fearing that the last passenger to board, if even moderately overweight, and if forced to sit by me, would feel uncomfortable. One of the last passengers to board was of average size, and she sat next to me. She said “hello” very nicely, made a comment or two, and opened a book. The trip passed uneventfully, and when she departed she smiled and said “It was nice sitting with you.”
This lady made my day. Just with a few short words. Which made me wonder how many people may feel that they are a “bother” to others, not appreciated by their neighbors. A just a few words would make them feel SSSOOO much better. Let’s try and give this a try, and do it ourselves.

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Cindy said...

Such a great story. It usually doesn't take many words to make someones day! As long as you use the right words!