Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Morning in the Mall--- and Thank G-d for Good People!

Two days ago Ricki managed to break the plastic supports which hold the small shelves for shampoo in place in the shower. (She probably grabbed the shelves for support for some reason.) Anyway, there being two stores that carry those shelves in close proximity to the local shopping center, I decided to walk over and see if they carried replacement parts. It turns out that in one store they hope to be getting replacement parts in next week. While in this store I purchased a few plastic baskets to use (hopefully) later this week to arrange and make order in Ricki’s clothing closet.
After this, I went to the second store, hoping that maybe they had replacement parts for the shelves on hand, but the salesman was not helpful at all, so I left without purchasing anything.
My last stop before heading home was to be the shopping mall itself. I wanted to check a few stores which I suspected might carry my clothing size, and to compare the prices between these stores. Later this week I plan to throw out my oversized clothing, and to decide what I need to purchase later in the month, before the cold weather hits hard (probably in about 1 ½ to 2 months from now).
In one store there were several items on sale, and I decided to try them on. This took a while, but when I finally finished, I had chosen two skirts. And that was when I realized that my nylon bag which I had been carrying my change purse in (including my credit card) was missing.
I hurriedly backtracked, but not finding the bag anywhere, I took a cab home (I told the driver that I would get money from the house on our arrival). On arriving home I was informed by my family that the card and bag had been found, and my son arrived home from picking it up a few minutes later.
Someone found it and turned it into the mall’s “Lost and Found”, not leaving their name or anything. They saved me a lot of anguish and probably monetary loss as well. (Isn’t it terrible that we consider it lucky and not par for the course that it was returned?) Anyway, right then and there I asked G-d to give that good person a nice day today….