Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Ricki TRIED to Tell me….

Last week I missed my regular swimming group on Wednesday, due to the hospitalization of a family member. So yesterday evening I went for an extra, “make-up” session. The rules at this pool is that if you miss for a valid reason, you can have a free additional session, but not if you simply decide not to come. Well, I was confident that I had a valid reason.
Of course, they accepted my reason, but said in surprise: “There was no swimming last Wednesday. Something needed fixing in the pool. Didn’t you get a phone call?”
I replied that I had not, and was rather upset. (I mean, I was astounded at the “coincidence” that I didn’t go –since I NEVER miss going—due to the trip to the emergency room, but scared that a different time I also might not hear if the pool is closed.) I gave them my phone number (again), wondering how it happened that they “blew it”.
Then I remembered. Wednesday afternoon Ricki told me “No pool”. I assumed she was asking if she is correct, that there would be no swimming class (hers) that Thursday. I replied, that yes, she was correct, there would be no swimming this week.
Now I suspect that Ricki was given the message, and tried to tell me. She just didn’t speak a full sentence.
Note for those following my exercise/wt loss. I have slowly over the last three months gone from barely managing to do forty laps in over an hour to doing 40 laps in 54 minutes, easily.

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