Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dipping Into Our Own Reserves of Strength

Note: I have been posting a bit erratically lately… having put into action a decision not to “sweat it” if I don’t have what to post….
Chilean miner Florencio Avalos, the first of 33 trapped miners to be rescued, hugs President Sebastian Pinera and his sonat the surface of the San Jose Mine near Copiapo, Chile late October 12, 2010. An accident trapped 33 miners for more than two months more than 2,000 feet below the surface.  UPI/Chilean Government/HO Photo via Newscom
I am sure that everyone reading here is thrilled for the rescued miners from Chile and their families. Let us just hope and pray that the escape route stays clear and that ALL of them (and the six rescue workers now with them) make it to the surface. The bravery of the rescue workers, who willingly have put themselves into the same potentially lethal position, is staggering.
Note that all of the miners have been on a strict diet, to maintain a weight low enough to fit into the capsule. I haven’t heard of any who found it “impossible”. Isn’t it amazing that when our life is on the line, and WE REALIZE IT, dieting is no longer an “option”.
If those of us who are overweight would truly internalize that our lives are also hanging in the balance, that we face discomfort, disability, and early death due to our overeating, the urge to overeat is much easier curbed.
People are calling the miners heroes. (Though to me, it is the rescuers who are the prime heroes.) (Although the miners certainly deserve credit for managing so well and helping each other.)
You can also be a hero. Stick to your eating plan. (Or if you are facing different challenges, face and deal with them.) Today. Tomorrow. For sixty days.


Anonymous said...

It's interesting - they needed to get to a low weight in order to save their lives. It's just that they couldn't be in denial about the lifesaving benefits.

Batya said...

The whole story was amazing especially the foreman who led them before they were found.