Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mamma Rochel and the Amazing Human Mind

“Mamma Rochel”, the matriarch Rachel, was buried on the way to Bethlehem. (Today is the anniversary of her death.) Now what has that to do with the mind? And isn't this an interesting painting of the monument?
The brain is bombarded by innumerable amounts of stimuli at any moment, and our minds manage to filter out a lot of the extraneous stuff, while simultaneously noticing things that this person is interested in.

The above public utilities closet (one of several variously-painted ones in our town) is painted with a picture of the grave of Rachel. It is located next to Ricki’s swimming class, and I pass it weekly. Yet I never noticed it. Late last week as I was walking one morning, I strode past it, suddenly noticing it, and remembering that in a few days we would be marking the death of the Matriarch. Since I was unencumbered by my usual post-swim class thoughts of "Gee, glad the lesson is over, lets get home and do XYZ...", my brain allowed me to notice this non-relavent stimuli....

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