Thursday, October 7, 2010

Trials and Tribulations

I forgot to give Ricki her Concerta on Tuesday. (Concerta is a long-acting type of Ritalin, used in her case to help deal with her second diagnosis, that of ADHD.) It was my mistake, and I paid the price! Tuesday afternoon Ricki had a dental appointment, and Ricki was constantly prodding me, trying to get my ire up. She would sit with her feet up on another seat, or lean over and stick her elbow into my shoulder. She behaved so poorly that she exhausted herself and went to sleep early. (All through this I tried to react calmly, spelling out consequences for continued repetitions, etc.)
The one good part of the day was when we walked back to the buses, a good fifteen minte walk. For once it wasn’t hot, and we saw a really gorgeous sunset……

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