Sunday, October 24, 2010

Tears / Tussle at the Door

A family member who Ricki habitually fights with has been hospitalized (nothing serious, just a preventative treatment), and Ricki has been in tears due to this person’s albescence.
“Why?” I asked myself. “Why should the cat miss the dog?” I figure that there are several possible reasons:
1. She is bored without her daily adversary
2. She actually misses them
3. She loves playing drama queen (and she DOES!)
4. She understands that this is the proper “script”.

I personally think that all of these reason factor in, suspecting that number 4 is the biggest…….

Tussle at the Door
After staying up ridiculously late last night catching up with 4 days of email etc, I set my clock late enough to barely get Ricki up and out to school. However, even before the alarm rang, I heard her getting up and prepared. I told her that I would get up later, in time to send her to school, and set the alarm for later. But I was awake, and after a few minutes, I got up anyway.
As I walked to the living room, Ricki pointed to the front door. “I have my bags ready outside.” She said.
Why outside? As I reached for the door handle to check why she had placed the bags outside in the stairwell, Ricki blocked my way. “I don’t want you to see…”
Gee, she does it every time, giving herself away. (Thank G-d….)
I acted unconcerned , but moments later zipped out the front door to check the packages there. Ricki scurried out behind me. As I was inspecting one bag, finding her swim geer (which she does NOT need at school), I noticed that she had grabbed a smaller bag, and was hiding it behind her back. Apparently there was “worse” contraband there. I had to wrench the bag from her by force (she could theoretically just dart downstairs with it), and discovered inside my new silver vest.
While I managed to salvage my new clothing, eventually she grabbed the swim gear back, and only parted with some of it due to my threats. She managed to flounce downstairs with the rest despite my threats of repercussions to come, disgruntled at my interventions.
I was left rather defeated (temporarily). I need to think of a fitting and effective punishment/plan.
GRUMP. I’m too tired to think, and I have no choice…..
I think that listening to my evil inclination and staying up late was the start of this debacle. I have to think up a good punishment/plan here, too….

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Batya said...

Wow! You really must stay on your toes, keeps you young.