Thursday, June 11, 2009


It was one of those incidents you really wish hadn’t happened. Do you REALLY want to blog about this and freak out all those nice parents with cute babies with Down syndrome???? So for all you new parents, let me remind you that Ricki also has ADHD, the “aggressively belligerent” type.
Yesterday was one of those days that I have planned out from early AM to PM, trying to get the most done in the least amount of time. And despite the fact that Ricki was home from school (her aide’s son was sick), the morning went pretty good. She spent a good part of the morning goofing off, no big pressure or anything. After lunch we ran over to Ricki’s swimming lesson, and from there to a doctor’s appointment, for a check-up. The office was near a big shopping mal, so I had planned to go there and look for an item not available locally. So we walked from the office to the mal (getting in as bit of exercise...). Before entering, I mentioned to Ricki that we were not there to buy everything in sight. I would consider purchasing something for her, but she had to ask, and accept my ruling.
I don’t know what happened. But she went crazy. Every store I entered, and in many we passed, she tried to grab merchandise. I was determined that I would be calm, and not raise my voice. In one store the clerk was really helpful, by insisting on decent behavior. THERE I was able to get her out, sit her down, calm her down, and even return to apologize. But in one candy store, the owner was ready to give her half the store, just to get us out. Within a few minutes of entering the complex, I was ready to call it quits, but it took me over an hour to get Ricki outside. Needless to say, she had SEVERAL punishments applied tonight, but her behavior really threw me. Sher hasn’t acted so horrendously in a long time. But now she is too big to just pull away from a situation, which makes things all the harder.
* * * *
I have already marked on my calendar to take her to a store on Sunday, when we will next be near a big center, with the EXPRESS purpose of giving her a chance to redo today’s incident differently. She will be promised a prize to be bought as we exit. I have NO PLANS to get any items that I need, I am going to the store with the intention to shadow Ricki closely, ready to walk out the second she first starts up. She will need to see that bad behavior will not be tolerated for even a moment.
* * * *
A Happy Postscript: On the bus home she was royally entertained by some high school girls who asked her questions, talked to her, etc. She was great.
I just hope a few forays into stores, followed by quick exits if she misbehaves, will do the trick, and show her that bad behavior doesn’t pay.....


Anonymous said...

It's so tough! I'm having a tough time with my nonverbal youngest kid. He's always been so laid back (especially compared to his siblings). Recently he has been scratching his teachers and classmates. I just KNOW he is having a hard time dealing with the frustration of not being able to talk, but still, he needs to know that some reactions are off limits. As I commented before, ten steps forward, nine and a half steps back.

firemom31 said...

What an ordeal for you and Ricki. Do you think those teenage hormones have anything to do with here behavior?

SimplyBillie said...

((HUGS)) Sorry to hear you had such a difficult day. It sounds like you have a good plan worked out, though. Hopefully, all will work out as planned! Best of luck!