Saturday, June 6, 2009

The Egg and the Trashcan

The other day as Ricki was rushing to get ready for school, I went to make her a fried egg, her general favorite for breakfast. She was running late and I wanted to help her.(Sometimes she makes the egg; I just light the fire and "check" the egg for bloodspots.) On her entrance to the kitchen, she took one look at the frying pan and said “I don’t want a fried egg this morning.”
OK. I mean, she can make that choice. I hadn’t ASKED her what she wanted, had only assumed. She did want me to “whip up” a batch of pancakes, and I explained that I had neither the time nor will to do so.
“If you don’t want an egg, there is fresh bread, and cheese in the fridge.” So she fiddled around and found herself something for breakfast. (Cake, but I decided not to “notice”.)
Later I found the egg in the garbage. (I covered it up fast, so her father wouldn’t see......) On her return home she got the lecture kids traditionally get about wasting food. I mean, her father would have been quite happy to consume an egg. You can make food choices, but please don’t waste. (And Mommy, check with Her Highness before assuming anything next time.....)

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