Monday, June 29, 2009

That’s AALLLL I Need!

Saturday evening I received a phone call from the principal of Ricki’s school. She is really an “educater” par excellance. (See HERE) I used to see her often; she would be on the way to school at 7:55 , as I was walking home after taking Ricki to school. But for the last two years Ricki has had a city-run taxi service taking her to school, so I have missed the daily nod of recognition as we passed each other in the street.
She told me that she had witnessed the girls practicing for their graduation*, and that Ricki had behaved so nicely, that she felt she just had to phone and tell me. Of course, I took the opportunity to thank her again for all that the school has invested in Ricki over the last three years.
But in reality, “Thanks” is MUCH too small a word to express what I owe Ricki’s school and classmates.

So what was the aftermath? On Sunday, Ricki suddenly decided to start “improvising” in the middle of practice. She was told repeatedly by her aid, and later at home by me, that any independent choreography on her part will have to wait.
G-d, please don’t let her mess up the school performance. Her classmates DON’T have that coming to them....

* Here, the graduation from eighth grade is marked by a graduation ceremony that also includes a “musical”presentation by the graduating classes. (play, songs, etc.)

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Reminds me of a young woman with Ds that was particiapting in a talent show. She came on stage to start her dance when all of the sudden she ripped off her jacket to reveal a sleevless shirt, that her parents were unaware she was wearing! She then proceeded to do a hip shaking dance while her father lowered his head ;-) Love these kids!