Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Grocer/Greengrocer: a Second Look

I would like today to add in two points loosely related to yesterday’s post.
1. The same day that she had done this, and I was hopping mad at her as a result, her half sister and her daughters, Ricki’s nieces, came to visit. At one point the older daughter, who is about Ricki’s age, was told by her mother to make a fried egg for her younger sister, who was hungry. As she came into the kitchen, I told her “You can go back to your reading. Ricki will make the egg. And she did.
2. Today I asked Ricki to write a “we didn’t forget you” letter to a former teacher of hers... in many ways her main teacher, who we had to drop due to the economic crunch. When she finished, I put it in an envelope, and prepared to send Ricki to the corner to mail it. PROBLEM: The mailbox is next to the grocer. The temptation to Ricki to enter and steal a boreka will be very big.
- “Ricki, you are going to mail the letter, and NOT go into the grocery. I will call and check later. “
Well, it took a while for her to return, and I was sure that she had succumbed. But a quick phone to the grocery ascertained that she hadn’t entered at all. Guess who got her allowance on the spot?!?

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