Friday, June 26, 2009

The Music “Concert”

I have written a lot lately about Ricki’s misbehavior. I feel I need to balance that all out. So let me tell you about Monday’s “concert”. Ricki’s student teacher of music told me that they were having an evening about the program that they were doing, and they wanted Ricki to come and play the piano.
So we went, and all went well. But really well.
Ricki was nice to people.
She played OK.
She behaved excellently. She put back the second serving of sweets when I insisted.

Even the mother of a very high functioning girl with Mosaic Down syndrome who was there was impressed.


mother in israel said...

When she's good it doesn't make as interesting reading!

rickismom said...

True, but sometimes I wish it would be a BIT more boring around here....

Something Different said...

Good for you!! :-)

I find that moments like those make the tough ones easier to handle, no?