Friday, June 19, 2009

Fruits of One’s Labor

I always tell Ricki’s teachers: “Her behavior is sometimes atrocious, but I promise you that if you do a good behavior modification plan, it will work. She is definitely smart enough to understand what is worth her while and what isn’t.”

And Ricki has proved it again. After her terrible scene last Sunday, Ricki has been better behaved in general. However, today was Ricki’s chance to prove that change. We had to go buy a pink blouse, as her school uniforms are all ruined or torn. The school suggested that I buy her a plain pink blouse, it being rather stupid to purchase a uniform for the remaining week and a half of school.
So we went, and she behaved almost all of the time. I only had to threaten to go straight home (“to jail, without passing ‘GO’”) twice. Even the saleslady noticed the difference and commented on it.

Yes, I know. I can hear you warning me: Don’t let your guard down; Keep it up. OK.

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