Thursday, July 31, 2008

I Hate Shopping (With Ricki)

Yesterday I had to do some shopping with Ricki. In the morning we had to buy school supplies, and in the afternoon clothing. Normally I wouldn’t buy clothing at this point of the summer, but I received a letter from Ricki’s overnight camp, and they expect us to send 10 days worth of clothing, plus some reserve. Well, we are no where near that amount of clothing, so I went to buy some.
I don’t know why, but Ricki is inevitably TERRIBLE when we go shopping, especially for clothing. In the morning she was ALMOST “passable” on behavior (kept trying to play with the cash register in the bookstore, took a bit of stuff before asking, sat on the floor only once). In the afternoon she was pretty bad. She kept sitting on the floor, running away, etc. At least this time I was VERY firm with consequences (walked out of two storse, didn’t buy her a drink).
This morning we have a bit more of shopping to do. Ricki woke up and asked if we were going shopping. I answered affirmatively, and stressed that I expect her to act like a big girl. Before we go I plan to spell out clearly my expectations, and the positive/negative consequences of proper decorum or lack thereof. Wish me luck! (I will try and post an update).
* * * * *
Later in the day:
Ricki was better today. Mind you, that did not stop her from moaning as if in transition phase of labor a desperate “I’M HUNGRY……” when passing the popcorn stand and creating a real scene. [The popcorn man, on hearing my repeated refusals to buy her any snacks, immediately offered to give her some. He actually took a bag and started filling it… ( I said “Mister, do YOU give your kids EVERYTHING they ask for?????”). He really only desisted because I walked away, and Ricki followed. Some people just don’t get it.]

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