Tuesday, July 8, 2008

An “Artic” (Popsicle) Refused

Yesterday evening, as a treat on our way home after dance, I purchased pizza for Ricki. This way she had an immediate supper, and I didn’t have to make it. (Of course, that didn’t stop her from making a fried egg for herself 4 hours later, when I wasn’t paying attention. (I would have told her to consider having a fruit instead….)
We sat down in the pizza store (I ordered salad plus a bit of pizza), and enjoyed “eating out” (which we do on the average of once a year or so.)
When we had finished I went to pay, and Ricki gravitated to the “artic” (popsicle) cooler. The owner chatted a bit with me, wishing me luck with Ricki, asking if we are locals, and the like. At this point Ricki swiftly pulled an artic out and begged for it. I said “No”, and she put it back. (Look at the progress we have made over the last several months!)
Then the owner piped up: I’ll give it to her as a treat!”
I swiftly vetoed the idea, both because of calories, and the “no gifts from strangers rule”. The fellow was really nice, and I faltered for a half-moment. But rules are rules. I explained to him why not, and thanked him for the nice thought. He proved that he was nice by not continuing to offer the artic after the explanation.

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