Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Wedding Preparations

Ricki’s older sister recently got engaged. This is very extra special to me, as she is my only biological daughter who will, G-d willing, bear and raise her own children. [ While I don’t see Ricki marrying being impossible, I know that if she would ever have children, the social services would take them, and THAT would break her heart. So I can’t see Ricki RAISING her own children.] So this engaged daughter is the only one to whom I will ever be able to “pass on” my “job” of childrearing to.
Now mind you, she is very different from me. But now that she is engaged, both she and I are seeing more and more of the similarities that we share. And she, meantime, is running around , exhausting herself, arranging an “event” of a wedding (not exactly my style, but in many ways quite excellent)…

And I am beginning to teach Ricki wedding dances!


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Oh, wedding planning! Exciting and sometimes exhausting times! I bet Ricki will love it all! I look forward to reading more posts.