Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One Step Forward, One Step Back? Maybe Two Forward….

Gee, a lot of little interesting things have happened lately. At least it will give me what to write about!
Today, coming home after dance class, I went to the supermarket to get (cheaper) diet ice cream sticks. (An essential in the hot, humid summers we have here…..) Unfortunately they were all out…..
BUT Ricki acted very good in the store. One step forward.
One step back:
But then, when we got on the bus to go home, she went to the back and was either given, or she asked for, someone’s almost-finished bag of potato chips. I of course did NOT put up with this. In no uncertain terms, Ricki was told that “We do not accept gifts from strangers”. So she quickly acquiesced.

Two forward?:
The nice thing was that for once, no one piped up that she is cute and sweet. That I should let her have it, etc. One reason may be because the lady who gave her the bag was way to far away to protest. But I saw a few faint smiles as I told Ricki that she is not a charity taker, and I think people understood. Also, I spoke without raising my voice, which of course is good in any case

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