Thursday, July 3, 2008


Ricki showed me some loose small change that she has, and told me that she already has a lot of money. Considering that the money is mostly 10 agorot pieces (each worth about 3 cents), she has saved up a remarkable sum.
-“What do you want to do with it”, I quizzed her.
-“Buy gifts.”
-“So what would you buy?”
-“For you, something big. A puzzle….. No, a newspaper. “ (And she named a magazine I often buy. “For Moshe,” (her nephew) “I want to buy a book.” And for her nieces plastic baby dishes, and a pacifier for her youngest niece.

She was very excited about the idea. Maybe I’ll even help her carry the plan out. It is so nice to see her thinking about someone else. And best is that she had thought of appropriate things for each of us.

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