Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Man Plans…Mom Plans

Before this summer vacation, I had SO many plans of things I would do with Ricki. I knew I couldn’t plan too much… after all, about half of the school break was slotted for day/overnight camps. But in the other four weeks, we would cook, sew, fold laundry together, study a bit, and have tons of fun. But I’m a week and a half into one of those free periods, and have little to show… we’ve done almost nothing. Part of this is because we have been doing some shopping for the upcoming wedding. But after a lot of thought, I have to admit that the main culprit is the computer. I LOVE reading and the computer provides such interesting stuff!
But long term, what will I get from most of what I read on the net? Not that much. So I’ve decided that I have to really limit how much I read and spend time on the computer, and spend more time with the family. Problem is, I’ve made that resolution before, but only have done partial changes.
So if you read this blog, I love comments…and appreciate knowing that the blog is read. But probably will not be able to regularly reciprocate and read the blogs of others, except a few. I just can’t. Family and real people MUST come first.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your just-about-daily blog... great messages, anecdotes, lessons... Please continue!

rickismom said...

I am-and thanks for the note that its being read....