Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Not Yet Crowing

Sunday morning I walked to the pharmacy to weigh myself hoping to have a nice loss, but not too confidently. I had “substituted” a lot this last week (see yesterday’s blog) and was afraid that maybe I would lose a minimal amount. But I actually lost quite well, even considering that I weighed myself before breakfast. But even though the scale read 94.6 kilos, I am not yet “crowing” about being under the 95 kilo mark. Why not?
Simply because my weight has been fluctuating too much. I often find that I can lose a lot one week, and stay pretty even the next, even though I am doing (as far as I can see) the same diet/exercise each of those two weeks. Apparently there are MANY things affecting the numbers shown on the scale, among them:
-weight of clothing worn
- time of day
-before or after meal
-amount of flids imbibed

So I want to wait at least one more week before celebrating the milestone of another 5 kilos gone, just to be sure.The important lesson here is that any one weigh-in is not as important as the general drift and direction of the scale's reading.
PS Just out of curiosity, I again checked my weight Monday morning, but after breakfast. It was 95.1 ----so I really am almost there! (Yea!)


SunnySacramento said...

You have worked very hard. Kol HaKavod.

Batya said...

It's still quite an accomplishment. I found that a once a week over the "diet" helps the weight to go down. An endocrinologist confirmed it.

talma said...

speaking with a diet expert once, she told me that the body once in a while guards it's weight in order to keep it's reserves and the next week it calms down and proceeds. so keep the good work. sara told me that I'll not be able to recognize you and that you dress beautifully. we to set a date to meet each other. kol hakavod.

rickismom said...

Batya, I knew that about dieting, which is why I never felt too guilty about shabbas. But of course one has to be REASONABLE.....
Thanks Talma! (and Batya and SS)