Saturday, May 28, 2011

“I Have Swimming”

Ricki would like to be EXACTLY like her friends. While Ricki begrudges me MY swimming evening (she always complains….), SHE proudly says each Sunday: “ XXXX (a friend) has swimming tomorrow. I have swimming too.”
If a friend has a brother getting married the next week, she will also go around talking about the upcoming (non-existent) wedding in the family.
I often wonder how the teacher manages to sort through truth and falsehood, and if she is aware that at least half of Ricki’s grand pronouncements are lies. I once heard that a mother told a teacher not to believe everything her special-needs student tells her. The teacher replied: “Fine…. As long as you don’t believe everything she says about class!”


Batya said...

So, does it make you suspicious about everything?

mikimi said...

How true! But frustrating too.