Tuesday, May 3, 2011

That’s My Daughter….

One day a few weeks ago, when I was in the midst of the pre-Passover flurry, an incident happened that is just SO TYPICAL of Ricki.
Being that Passover was only a few days away, Ricki’s school was already on vacation break, so she was entertaining herself by listening to some CD’s. In addition, she was pleased to have her nephew, “O”, with her in the living room.
“O” is about one and a half, and is a cute, inquisitive soul. His mother asked me to baby-sit him for about two hours, which I agreed to. I looked the salon over to see that it was baby safe, and returned to my work in the kitchen.
After a few minutes, I realized that I needed an item from the grocery store, and asked Ricki to please pop over to the grocery, and buy the item. She grumbled a bit about having to stop listening to the CD, but finally agreed. I gave her the shopping list, and went back to work. I heard her leaving the house, and I checked that the door was shut.
About five minutes later, my husband walked into the front of the house and suddenly asked “WHERE is ‘O’?”
We quickly searched the flat, and realized within moments that he was NOT in the house. Ricki must have taken him with her to the store!
My husband flew down the stairs, and “joined” Ricki and “O” in the grocery.

You think Ricki didn’t know that we would disapprove? She BEGGED us not to inform her sister (“O”’s mom)…….(But of course we did….)

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You need eyes all over.