Monday, May 23, 2011


Before Passover I was so busy cleaning that most of my aerobic walking got put on hold. Then, after Passover (for the last 3 weeks, until yesterday) there is a period that Orthodox Jews do not listen to instrumental music. That included my trusty MP3 player. Studies have shown that people who walk to “aerobic music” (anything fast with a good beat) walk faster, and I can certainly vouch for the veracity of this.
So this evening, missing enough steps for my daily target of 10,000 paces, I headed out for a half-hour’s walk. This evening was pleasantly cool and not humid. I had my MP3 player set on “aerobic walking” play list, and set out.
What can I tell you? It was FUN! I would even say exhilarating, as I dodged past (and ran around) obstacles in my path.
Walking is FUN!

On my return home Ricki asked (as she always does) “How many steps do you have?” I told her “about 3,000”, and she replied “OOU-LA-LA, you are really nimble!”
-“Well, if you walk every day, you get nimble.”
- “I am also nimble!”
-“Well, if you’ll start walking every day, I’m sure you will be!”

And, indeed, I have been trying lately to get Ricki out walking more with me, and she has been, but she is far from participating on a daily basis….

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