Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Clean Clothes Kid….

Ricki has been a bit more concerned lately with the appearance and cleanliness of her clothing. This is obviously a good thing. The downside is that instead of spot cleaning any small stains, she simply runs and changes her clothing, and tosses the “dirty” stuff into the laundry basket. And since she is NOT being so conscientious about keeping her HANDS clean, this has led to her changing outfits at a VERY rapid pace.
In short, she is inundating me with laundry.

So in an effort to stem the deluge, I have started teaching Ricki about the care and washing of clothing. Besides talking about sorting dirty articles into “lights” and “darks”, and the different types of machine cycles, I mentioned in passing that OVERwashing clothing is as detrimental as leaving it dirty.
Fast forward a few days. Ricki is down to about three changes daily, and we are at Ricki’s exercise class. I am talking to her teacher as we wait for the entire group to arrive. Suddenly she starts bemoaning how her teen changes her clothing 3 times a day, often after only about an hour.
I had to grin at that;
GEE, Ricki is NORMAL!

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mikimi said...

What is normal anyhow?
There was an episode on Oprah with Dr. Oz "Are you Normal? See if you can view it.