Saturday, May 14, 2011


Ricki and I were returning from a routine doctor’s check-up appointment Wednesday afternoon. We were on a seat in the bus which faces backwards, directly opposite another double seat. Facing us was a teenager, busy looking through her purse.
Suddenly Ricki held her arm next to the young lady’s arm. “Hey… we have the same!”
And as the teen commented “Gee, I didn’t notice…” I also perceived what had hitherto escaped my attention: Ricki and the young woman indeed had nearly identical jackets. (Only the collars where different.) [And since Ricki’s jacket happens to have come from a thrift store we visited in Estes Park two years ago, this was really quite a coincidence!]
Ricki was tickled pink to have the same clothing as the teen on the bus. I was more pleased that she had been so alert as to make the observation which we “normal” people had missed…..

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