Monday, May 9, 2011

The “Eyeglasses” Serial Story- Installment No. 7 (or 8…)

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For over a month Rickie has fairly consistently been wearing her glasses at home, but not to school. The teacher has NO clue as to why this is, nor do I. Finely last week, on Wednesday evening, I offered Ricki a substantial prize if she would wear them to school for three days.
Thus, when I noticed Ricki wearing her eyeglasses on Thursday morning, I was glad to see that my bribe was working, as she left for school, lenses perched on her nose.
However, my joy was short-lived, vanishing quickly when she arrived home in the evening glass-less.

- “Ricki, where are your glasses?”
(Repeat three times)
-“Ricki, you will not get supper until you tell me where your glasses are.”
-“I threw them away”
(mini explosion on my part……)
-“Ricki, WHERE did you throw them? When? When waiting for the car or at school?”
-“While waiting. On the sidewalk. The cleaner took them….”

I decided that Ricki needed to learn that eyeglasses are not “disposables’ and telling her that I was VERY angry, I informed her that I would not speak to her for the remainder of the evening, and I didn’t. Ricki was impressed (for once), and upset.

Finally, to make a long story short, I went to search for the glasses, and Ricki showed me exactly where she threw them. They were not there, but there WAS a note :
FOUND: a pair of glasses. Details at phone # XXXXXXX

The glasses where returned. They are bent and need fixing, but hopefully we will get them back today. Ricki claims that she will not throw them away again, and that she will wear them to school. We’ll see….


EmmaVerdona124 said...

glasses can be very hard especially for everyone here and also me since I wear them too!

maybe you can look into eyeglass strap like these,r:13,s:15&tx=89&ty=78

rickismom said...

I know from experience that if her glasses have a strap, she will simply bend her glasses all out of shape as she wrestles them off in spite of the strap.