Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Update: Walking

[images: the walking path in Park HaYarkon]

In this morning's post I mentioned a local park and its walking path. This afternoon I took Ricki to the same park by way of two buses, and later we walked along the walking path to a station where we could take one bus to reach home. Although it was already dusk, the path is both well light and full of walkers/bikers, so it is safe. (Again, I am talking about central Israel, not the US.) They even have reflective green patches implanted in the pavement to mark it.
This evening the path was even more populated than in the morning. I noticed one runner going top speed with a prosthetic leg, and there were (besides several individual bikers/walkers/runners) several large groups of runners. As one group passed I heard the "leader" telling everyone "Hey, its one kilometer here; do those in back hear me???"
By the time we reached the end of the 40 minute walk Ricki was complaining bitterly, but she survived.......

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