Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Unexpected.....

An Unexpected Update....
I am updating on the hearing aide campaign. Unexpectedly, Ricki is suddenly not interested enough in borekas to wear her hearing aid, and my turning the disc player off (because it is too LOUD) hasn't helped either. So either she is in a "I'm the boss and I will do as I like mood, OR I will have to rethink tactics. I will wait a day or two to see how things develop.....
The Unexpected Blossom
About ten weeks ago I purchased several plants to have around the house, adding some beauty and green. Of the three, one promptly died (I have the opposite of a green thumb….), but the remaining two have survived. On is a riot of tiny red flowers, the other is a non-flowering lovely purplish-green leafy plant. Or so I thought. Suddenly today I noticed that the leafy plant was sporting a blossom, one that was totally unexpected. A pure gift, given gratis.
[image: Plant with blossom (and in the background Ricki’s old stuffed teddy bear stuck into her nephew’s unused car seat….)]

Sometimes life sends us surprises. Some appear to be good ones, and others “bad”. We may be only slightly surprised, we may be shocked. Part of maturity is learning that we are not always the one “calling the shots”, and learning to roll with the tide and waves that engulf us.
And sometimes we get a simple unexpected gift.
Do you have any that you would like to share?

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Batya said...

Good luck with the hearing aids. If she's off from school, she may decide they're more useful when vacation's over.

I rooted a willow one year after Succot. Then I planted it near the front door drain pipe. It never grew much, but a few years later it bloomed into a "shkaydia," almond tree.