Monday, August 2, 2010

The Dire Threat

A few days ago, Ricki saw her older sister cooking two fried eggs for herself, and decided that “If she can, I can.” Explanations that her married sister’s repast was unhealthy fell on deaf ears, as did our insistence that Ricki limit herself to a single portion of egg.
Yesterday morning she again consumed two eggs, and I sat her down for a serious talk. She seemed to begin to understand.
Fast-forward to the evening hours. I had not prepared soup, as I often do; it was simply too hot; and I settled for a bowl of cereal for supper. Ricki has not yet been willing to even TRY cereal, and wanted an egg. I refused, and to enforce the statement, I discretely closed the gas main to the stove. On discovering that I had somehow tampered with the stove, she fiercely uttered her dire threat:
“Tomorrow morning I will NOT have an egg, because you wouldn’t let me now! I will NOT!!!”
I confess my sins. I burst out in laughter. (“The devil made me do it…”*) When Ricki asked why I was laughing, I lied and said that I was thinking of something.. What else could I claim????

*the Smothers brothers

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Trish said...

I love when they make threats that actually wouldn't hurt or upset you, just them!