Tuesday, August 10, 2010

One of the Not-So-Pollyanna Days

Yesterday was one of those days when I ALMOST wondered why in the world did I bring Ricki home from the hospital 15 years ago…... Note that I wrote “almost”.
In the morning I had ceramics class, and since we were the only ones there, I brought Ricki along. I had talked to her about how we were going to make REAL dishes, and she would need to agree to follow instructions. But the morning was too long for her, and after an hour and a half working nicely, Ricki got into a very antagonizing mood. At one point she took a paintbrush and swiped my shirt with it. Luckily the paint was washable, but on the spot I gave Ricki a severe “consequence”.
Later at home, Ricki attacked lunch as if she had just finished a Yom Kippur (24-hour) fast, which she had not. I had even purchased her a snack when she was at ceramics.
Later I realized that I had not given Ricki her concerta (Ritalin) medication on time that morning, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt regarding the day’s misbehaviors. And since she was scheduled to go to exercise class this afternoon, I gave her the dose, even though it was late.
At 5:30 in the afternoon when we left for exercise class, and to make a long and sad story short, on our arrival I discovered that Ricki had made in her pants. Aklthough a friend urged me to clean her up (a bit) there, I felt that Ricki needed to get the message clear as clear can be, that “accidents” result in losing out on fun activities. So we left immediately, to start the trek home.Not wanting Ricki to feel that her accident had earned her a valuable taxi ride, I opted to wait for the one-every-20-minute- bus. Well, it arrived after 50 minutes, chock full, and sailed by without a pause. At that point I took an expensive cab home.
Oh yes, and Ricki left her eyeglasses on the floor at the gym.
PS. : But she behaved wonderfully in the evening. I wonder if it was due to regret or all that Ritalin running around her system late at night......

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mikimi said...

sorry for your frustrating day. now I'm thinking of ceramics class if it is not too pricey.and I'm caught up in your blog. anytime you want/need to talk/email....