Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Two Short Vignettes

This morning in order to get in a good 2 hour walk I headed towards the opposite direction than my usual one. I walked to the nearest shopping center, a half-hour walk that I already do occasionally, and from there across the Maccabbiah bridge over the Yarkon River. The area around the bridge has been fixed up, and on the other side what years ago used to be a dirt path to the nearest park has become a paved walking/cycling path. This path is a good path for a walker in a lazy mood- it is LEVEL. And it has another big advantage: it is almost entirely in the shade.
The path was pretty busy this morning, mostly with cyclers, one or two roller-bladers, and a few walkers. Then I saw someone coming in what looked like a sleek low-lying race car coming my way. I realized within seconds that this was a special bicycle propelled solely by hand movements for the disabled. How fantastic! It turns out that there where about 6 disabled people biking along at a good clip, one even using one hand.
Now I ask all of you who are NOT getting any exercise (even twenty-thirty minutes of walking): What in the world is YOUR excuse???? If we have a healthy body, let’s take care of it!
* * * *
On my arrival home, I stopped in the grocery store. First I peered in the fridge wondering for the umpteenth time why in the world he doesn’t carry any cold bottles of diet drink…. But realizing that my budget will benefit if I wait and drink at home (I HAD 2 bottles of drink with me, but had already polished them off), I didn’t complain. I just purchased two milk and wearily climbed my stairs. On opening the refrigerator, I was greeted with the sight of some six bags of milk, several fruit yogurts, and about 4 tubs of cheese. Ricki , very pleased with herself, announced that she had gone to the grocery to save me the work (and buy herself a treat as well). Of course I made Ricki return the enormous purchase, which she did, rather grumpily, muttering under her breath about how mean I am……

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