Thursday, August 12, 2010

Envy/ Happiness

[image: a mountain spring]

Usually I write my blogs in the evening, and time them to be posted at the crack of dawn (Israeli time) Originally this was because I didn’t want my dear mother to see the absolutely unearthly hours I was staying up to on the computer….. But lately I have been getting more sleep (though still not quite enough….). But I have in general retained the system of writing in advance a bit.
Yesterday I had nothing really to write (except something that involves talking bad a bout someone, so I dropped the idea….), and the hour was late enough that I decided to forego a post for today.
But this morning as I was taking my usual early morning exercise walk, I decided to try to walk somewhere different (being bored by all of my more regular routes), especially since I had forgotten my MP3 player at home, and didn’t even have that to keep me “entertained”.
So I walked over to a nearby neighborhood, and I discovered an area almost from a different planet. Instead of the three storey buildings in my area, here there were villas and duplexes. Every house had at least one car in front, and most had exquisite exteriors and/or gardens. IE., it was definitely an upper-class section of the city.

Enter envy.
“Oh, it would be SO nice to have a house like that….”
“Gee, I wish I had a car (and license).”

Our sages say that “He who has 100 wants 200”. And it is true. Here I am, living quite well by my community’s standards, but the lure of “more” still pulls at me. Amazing.

But then I noticed how every house had buzzer systems to provide security, and I pondered just how happy these people with what I assume is a “we-can’t-afford-more-than-two-kids-and-a-dog” way of life. In their old age will they be happier than me? And today with the pressures in business, are they happier than me?

We would like to have it all: successful husband, perfect kids, nice house, 2 cars, smiling grandchildren, etc, etc. But then life intervenes, with illness, special children, financial uncertainty, and more.
So how do we reach happiness? With our attitude. The way we view life, our ups and downs, will effect our total happiness more than any material objects. So here are a few good attitudes to cultivate:
1) Enjoy what you have. The luscious sweetness of an apple, the soft hair of a child on your cheek. Enjoy it if you can walk down the street pain free. Not everyone is so lucky.
2) Be happy for your neighbors good fortune. If your neighbors (brother, etc) has something nice , be happy for him. Even if you don’t have that object, be happy that he does. Why not? He didn’t steal it from you!
3) Try to see something good, some benefit you are receiving, even from “bad” experiences.
4) Notice the beauty of G-d’s world around you. Stop and “smell the roses”!!

OK, I’ll get down from my soapbox now. Have a NICE day!!!!

PS I posted the picture was to share with you a bit of the world's beauty. A free gift!

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