Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Wish I Had a Picture

“Tzippe”, the sister of the bar-mitzvah celebrant, was dressed in the same dress as all her other sisters: a layered, three tiered grey skirt, and a jet-black top. She leaned back slightly, slidding one foot ever so slightly forward, and clicked the shutter. Quickly she glimpsed at the screen to study the result.
“Oh,it’s good...”, she commented, smiling quickly. She raised the camera for another shot.
A typical 14 year old girl. A typical 14 year old who happens to have Down syndrome. She doesn’t know me, so I explained that I am Ricki’s mother, the Ricki who is the “new girl” in her “group” at an afternoon program.
“You know, Tzippe, Ricki also like photography”
At that, Tzippy smiled. (And so did I!)

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